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Virus and malware are a nuisance that not just wastes our time but can be a threat to our data. Nowadays, when Internet is the basic necessity for a workforce, it is essential to keep your devices updated and safe from threats. Virus attacks are one of the prime security breaches in devices.

All-in-one Support provides secure antivirus support to our customers. Our professionals scan malware, spyware, and Trojan from your devices, remove viruses, and update the security of o device. Along with this, our experts optimize your PC and devices for enhanced speed and performance.

As we provide remote support, you can solve your issue without having to travel and hence, save your time. Our solutions are cost-efficient and our customer support is available 24/7 for assistance. Call our Antivirus Support Contact Number for further assistance.

What is Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is a computer program that detects, removes, and prevents malware and from infecting your computer. Antivirus software protects your computer from malware, ransomware, hijackers, Trojan horses, BHOs, adware, spyware, and other security threats.

Common Types of Antivirus Software

There are three major types of antivirus software. They are-

Standalone Antivirus Software- These are portable antivirus software that can be transferred in a portable device. They are good for emergency scans and can detect and remove certain viruses. However, relying just on standalone antivirus software isn’t a good option.

Security Software Suites- Security software suites are one of the best ways to protect your computer from malware and security threats. They detect and remove malware, provide protection of files and devices, have parental control features, VPN, and password managers.

Cloud-based Antivirus Software- As cloud storage is gaining popularity, so is cloud-based antivirus software. They inspect your files in the cloud and detect suspicious activities and malware in your device. The major advantage of this is that it has a faster response rate and frees up the device’s memory.

Best Antivirus Programs

There are many antivirus programs in the market. Most of them offer a free version and a premium version. In the free version, you get basic protection and in the premium one, you get additional security features and protection.

Bitdefender, Norton, Panda, McAfee, BullGuard, Kaspersky, Intego, Eset are some of the common antivirus programs known for their extensive features and protection.

When choosing an antivirus program, always check their features, supported browser, validity, and updates.

All-in-one Support provides expert antivirus support on all types of antivirus programs. Get in touch with our Antivirus Support Contact Number for assistance.

Common Ways to Get Malware Infection

Viruses and malware are man-made. Each malware has its own properties and hence, can damage your device in its own way. Here are common ways through which your device may get malware and virus infection.

Downloading software from untrusted sites- This is one of the most common ways to infect your computer with malware. Even when you are genuine and trustworthy software, you must check the website from which you are downloading the software. Malicious and untrusted sites provide you with software infected with malware.

Downloading files from unknown sources- Along with downloading software, downloading PDF, videos, and audios from untrusted sites may infect your computer with malware.

Opening attachments from unknown emails- Emails from unknown sources may contain attachments that are loaded with viruses and malware. The moment you click and open the attachment, your computer gets infected with the virus. Always take extra care when opening attachments from unknown sources. If the email is not relevant to you, do not open the attachment at all.

Online Ads & Social Media- Online ads are a convenient way for criminals to infect your computer with malware. The ads when clicked on, corrupt your computer with malware.

Links and videos from social media may also contain malware. Viruses on social media may infect your computer and steal your personal details like emails and passwords.

Inserting infected disk in your computer- Even if you are extra careful while browsing the net, you can still infect your computer with a virus. Infected hard disks or pen drives, when connected to your computer, may lead to virus infection. They may contain malicious software, which once inserted, will replicate itself in your device.

No antivirus protection- You never know when you stumble upon something that is loaded with malware and viruses. Along with caution while browsing the net, you should also protect your device and install antivirus software. Antivirus software detects sites that are not trustworthy, scans downloads, scan disks inserted in your computer, and provides other security features for your computer. You should always use antivirus protection for your computer.

Save your device from malware infection and get technical assistance from our expert Antivirus Support Helpline today.

Common Signs of Malware/Virus Infection

Slow performance- If your computer takes a longer time than usual to start programs or run activities, then it may be infected with a virus. Check your memory and if despite having sufficient memory, your computer is acting up, then it could possibly be a malware infection.

Slow start and booting- Slow performance and slow booting normally go hand in hand when your computer is infected. The computer takes longer to turn on and turn off and even simple activities take hours to perform.

Unexpected pop-ups- One of the most common symptoms of a malware infection is unexpected pop-up advertisements. The pop-ups appear out of nowhere when you are browsing the net and continuously keep showing up. Viruses from these pop-ups can be very dangerous and steal your data. You should NEVER CLICK on these pop-ups and take action against the infection.

Crashes and odd messages- You may have a virus infection if your computer programs start and close automatically, odd error messages start appearing, or your system freezes without any reason.

Low memory- Lack of storage space and low memory is a warning sign of malware infection. The malware has taken most of your computer storage space and is affecting the performance of your computer.

Files are missing & new unknown files are created- Depending on the type of malware, some may delete your files, move them around, or encrypt them so that you can open them. Along with that, they may create new files that are loaded with their replications.

High Internet activity- You may see high network activity if any updates are being installed or if any programs are running. But if you see high network activity even when the programs and updates aren’t running, then your computer may be infected with malware. It may be sending your data across networks, hence the high traffic.

Unusual Web Browser activities- Slowing down of the web browser, unusual activities on the homepage, and redirects are some common signs of malware infection in your device.

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Our team works dedicatedly to identify the type of malware and remove them without harming your device.

We listen to your problems, conduct diagnosis, and identify the virus, spyware, and malware.

We repair the issues, perform system updates and modifications, and optimize your device. Along with malware removal, we provide guidelines to safeguard your device from future attacks.

Throughout the process, we keep you updated on the findings and keep the communication channel open.

After providing our service, our technical support and customer care stay available 24/7, to respond to further queries.

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-Published: 22/02/2020
By: All-in-One Support