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How To Setup HP Printer at call now toll-free +44-808-196-8126 for support. In this article, we will discuss the steps to setup HP Printer by visiting the official HP setup website- If you need assistance with HP setup, contact our HP Printer Customer Service Number at +44-808-196-8126.

HP Printer is one of the most trusted printer brands across the world. It is an ideal choice for both professional and personal purposes. They come in both wireless and wired types. It is simple and straightforward to setup HP Printer at

For any support to setup HP Printer at, you can contact HP Printer customer service number at +44-808-196-8126 and get 24/7 remote assistance.

Before diving into the steps to setup HP Printer for both wired and wireless types, here are the system requirements that you must have.

System Requirements to setup HP Printer

  • If you are using Windows operating system, then it should either be Windows Vista or newer versions of Windows.
    If you are using Mac operating system, then it should be Mac OS X 10.5 or newer versions of Mac operating system.
  • Your operating system should be in control of the network adapter. This allows HP Software to retrieve current network settings.
  • Your computer should not use static IP address.
  • If you are using a wireless printer, then ensure that your printer should be set to wireless mode. You can connect to wireless printer during the HP wireless printer setup.
    If you are using wired printer, then keep the USB or Ethernet cable handy before HP setup.

How to setup HP Printer at

The steps to setup HP Printer at is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps for HP setup at For assistance, contact HP Printer Customer Care Number at +44-808-196-8126

  1. Visit the official website of and go to their setup section-
  2. In the webpage, you will see a search bar where you will have to enter your printer model number or its name. Click Search or Enter.
    If you printer model number is not listed in the options available, click on “My device is not listed” option and follow the prompts that appear.
    If you need assistance with this, contact HP Printer Customer Care Number at +44-808-196-8126.
  3. Once the previous step is done, follow the on-screen prompts that appear to download your printer driver software.
  4. Once the printer driver software download is complete, open it and follow the onscreen instructions carefully to complete the printer driver installation process.
  5. Once printer driver installation is complete, connect HP Printer to your device, either using a wireless connection or a wired connection of your choice.
  6. Once HP setup is complete, run the printer by doing a test print.
  7. You have successfully setup HP Printer.

For any query or support to setup HP Printer at, contact HP Printer Customer Care Number at +44-808-196-8126.

Steps to setup HP Printer and connect it with your device

  1. Unpack your printer and remove the packaging by following the instructions.
  2. Plug in the power cord and install cartridges after turning on the printer.
  3. Install your printer software by visiting and follow the instructions.
  4. When the Connection Type prompt appears, select “Network”, “Through the Network”, or “Wireless” if you are using wireless printer.
    If you are using USB or Ethernet cable, then select the respective option and then connect the USB or Ethernet cable to your printer.
  5. Follow the remaining instructions.
  6. Your HP Wireless Printer Setup is complete. Also, note that your computer and printer must be connected in the same network.

If you need any form of assistance with HP Setup, please contact HP Printer Customer Care Number at +44-808-196-8126

HP Setup- HP Printer Customer Care Number +44-808-196-8126

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