HP Printer Error 59.f0,HP error 59.f0,HP Customer Service Number

In this article, we will discuss what HP Printer error 59.F0 means, what causes it, and how to resolve it. For assistance and support, contact HP Customer Service Number at +44-808-196-8126.

The main reason for HP Printer error 59.F0 is transfer alienation failure. When there is transfer alienation failure, the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate. Another potential cause for HP Printer error 59.F0 is an internal motor problem. When there is an internal motor problem, it leads to an issue with the SR9 sensor. Whether you are facing transfer alienation failure or an internal motor problem, here are some ways to resolve HP Error 59.F0.

Resolve HP Printer Error 59.F0

Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to resolve HP Printer error 59.F0. If you need assistance with the diagnosis and resolution of HP error 59.F0, then contact HP Customer Service Number at +44-808-196-8126 for immediate support.

Reset your printer

HP Printer Error 59.f0,HP error 59.f0,HP Customer Service Number

Before moving ahead with any other troubleshooting methods, it is recommended to reset your printer.

Here’s how you can reset the printer-

  • Use the power switch to turn off the printer.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds and then turn on the printer.
  • Check if you are still facing the same issue even after the printer restarts.

Remove Surge Protector (if you are using it)

If the issue persists even after resetting your printer, then proceed with removing the surge protector. To remove the surge protector-

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Remove your printer’s surge protector.
  • Plug your printer directly into the wall socket and turn it on.
  • Check if the error persists.
  1. Replace the drum motor assembly
  2. HP Printer error 59.F0 is related to failure in the internal motor, the drum motor. Hence, replace the drum motor assembly and see if that works.
  3. Reset the toner and fuser assembly
  4. Reset the ITB
  5. For this, you need to check whether the internal connection between ITB and connector J19 and connector J128 is configured correctly. Connector J19 is a transfer roller disengagement sensor, and you need to run a sensor test to check whether the primary transfer disengagement is working correctly, or not.
  6. Connector J128 is DC Controller PCA assembly, and you need to check whether there is some problem with the PCA assembly. If yes, replace it.
  7. Test the ITB
  8. If you have reset the ITB and the problem persists, then test the ITB gear and the flag manually.

Here are the steps to check the ITB gear-

  • Turn the white gear by rotating it and check if there are any fluctuations in the flag.
  • If the flag is damaged, then you should replace the ITB.
  • If, however, the flag and ITB gear is working correctly, then check Sensor SR9 by performing a manual sensor test.
  • For manual sensor test, remove the ITB gear and locate Sensor SR9. Sensor SR9 is situated inside the ITB cavity. Then, browse the control panel.
  • Go to the Diagnostic menu by pressing the Home button and down arrow key.
  • Click okay. Select Manual Sensor Test > Okay.

vii. Now, you need to remove the SR9 flag from inside the ITB cavity. When you are pressing the banner, check the sensor response display. If the sensor toggles between 0 and 1, then the sensor is working fine. If it doesn’t, then you will have to get the sensor replaced.

For assistance with testing the ITB. Contact HP Customer Service Number UK +44-808-196-8126 for immediate support.

Perform alienation drive

These are some resolution steps that you can try to fix HP Printer Error 59.F0. If you are still unable to resolve HP Error 59.F0 or need assistance with the resolution, then contact HP Customer Service Number UK +44-808-196-8126 for 24/7 support.

HP Customer Service Number +44-808-196-8126

There could be various reasons causing HP Printer Error 59.F0. Primarily, the error is caused by the transfer of alienation failure or internal motor problems. The causes could range from toner and fuser assembly problems, drum motor assembly problems, faulty primary transfer disengagement, or faulty PCA assembly.

The solution could range from resetting the printer, removing the surge protector, resetting the ITB, resetting the drum motor assembly, resetting the toner and fuser assembly.

You can inspect the cause of the issue and use the most appropriate method to resolve it. However, if you are having trouble diagnosing why you are facing HP Printer Error 59.F0 in the first place and need assistance with resolving it, contact HP Customer Service Number UK +44-808-196-8126 for immediate support.

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-Published: 01/12/2020
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