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One of the most common Lexmark Printer errors that users face is Lexmark 900 Firmware Error. Users see this error message when trying to print. The error message could show other numbers too, like 900.00 or 900.43. In this article, we will show you the steps to troubleshoot Lexmark 900.43 and 900 firmware error.

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Lexmark Printer Errors | What Does Lexmark 900 Firmware Error Mean?

Lexmark 900 firmware error occurs when there is an issue with the information that is being sent to the printer. 900 firmware error could be caused by a network error, outdated firmware level, firmware problems, driver issues, or other issues. However, it is hardly caused by hardware errors, so you don’t have to worry about hardware problems.

Steps to Resolve Lexmark 900 Firmware Error

Whether you are seeing Lexmark 900.43 or 900 firmware error in your printer operator screen, here are the steps to resolve these Lexmark Printer Errors. Follow the resolution steps in the order they are mentioned in. If you need assistance with Lexmark Printer errors and firmware problems, contact Lexmark Contact Number at +44-808-196-8126.

Resolve Lexmark 900 Firmware Error:

  1. Remove your data connection and then restart the printerLexmark Printer Errors,Lexmark 900 firmware error,Lexmark 900.43
    The first step to do when facing the most common Lexmark printer Errors and Lexmark 900 firmware error, in particular, is to turn the printer off and remove the data connection (USB, Ethernet, or wireless connection).
    Once the data connection is removed, turn the printer on.
    Perform a Printer On Reset. If the process is completed without errors, run a printer settings report. If the report is printed and shows 900 firmware error, then perform the firmware updates. If it doesn’t work, follow the next steps, or call Lexmark Contact Number UK +44-808-196-8126.
  2. Clear all Print Queues
    If the above process doesn’t work, then try clearing all print queues.
    After clearing all print queues, reinsert the data connection.
    After that, restart your printer.
    Wait for some time for the printer to connect to your computer through a data cable or wireless network.

Now there are three things to keep in mind here:

  • If, the error occurs after reconnecting to the network, and there are no existing print queues, then try troubleshooting your printer’s IP address.
  • If the error occurs while running a test print, then try troubleshooting the printer driver.
  • If the error occurs while printing that specific page/pages on which the error occurred in the first place, then there could be a problem with that specific print job.
  • Try updating printer firmware.
  • Follow the next steps for troubleshooting the section that applies to you.

Lexmark 900 firmware error,Lexmark Contact Number,

  1. Change your Printer’s IP address
    Perform this step if you face Lexmark 900 firmware error after restarting your printer and reconnecting your printer to the network while there are no print jobs in the queue. When this happens, it means that your network is sending incorrect or corrupt data to the printer, which is unable to interpret it. Changing the printer’s IP address will help fix the issue.
  2. Reinstall printer driver
    If you face Lexmark 900 firmware error after restarting your printer and reconnecting it to the network, and while doing the printing job, then the problem lies with the driver. Reinstalling the printer driver will help resolve. In fact, outdated printer drivers stand at the forefront of most of the common Lexmark Printer Errors.
  3. Reinstall printer fuser
  4. Update printer firmware
    If you face Lexmark 900 firmware error after restarting your printer and clearing all print jobs in the queues, then try updating your firmware. Update printer firmware, even if you are able to resolve the error using the above methods.
    Once you update the firmware, try printing again, and check if you face the error again.
    If yes, then reset the printer’s NVRAM.
  5. Reset your printer’s NVRAM
    When you reset your printer’s NVRAM, then it clears all the print jobs that have been stored in the Non Volatile RAM. This gives the much-needed reset and will help in resolving the error.
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These were some methods through which you can try to resolve Lexmark 900 Lexmark 900.43 firmware problems. You should be able to resolve the issue if you follow these troubleshooting steps correctly. However, if you need assistance with troubleshooting, contact our 24/7 remote support at Lexmark Contact Number UK +44-808-196-8126.

For Support call Lexmark Contact Number UK +44-808-196-8126

Along with the above-mentioned steps, ensure that your printer is in good condition. That is: your printer is clean; the paper tray is clean and papers are neatly aligned; no paper has been jammed; ink cartridges and toners are in good condition; the print head is clean, aligned properly, and in good condition; your data connection is stable; print settings are correct, and there are no obstructions in the printer. Also, ensure that your network is stable (for wireless printers), the operating system is updated, there are no heavy programs running in the computer background, and there are no applications creating conflicts with the printer.

These points should be taken care of for all types of Lexmark Printer errors as well as for improving the functionality and performance of your printer. You need to keep your printer in good condition and take proper care for it to function properly. While Lexmark 900 firmware error is normally not caused due to hardware issues, you must always keep your hardware updated. Just like prevention is better than cure, maintenance is always better than repair. To know more about how to take care of your printer and for a free diagnosis of your printer, contact Lexmark Contact Number UK +44-808-196-8126.

Our experts diagnose any issue you may be facing with your printer and provide the necessary troubleshooting. Along with that, they optimize your printer for speed and performance.

-Published: 25/12/2020
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