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Your printer is printing. But, all you got is poor print quality. The pages are streaked, the prints are faded, and sometimes all you get is the printer printing black pages. Rings a bell? We know how frustrating poor print quality can be. That’s why we have outlined all the methods that you can try to get rid of faded prints, printer printing black pages, and pages getting streaked and blotchy. So, read on.

When we talk about poor print quality, we are referring to either of the following- faint or faded prints, color or black ink not printing, printer printing black pages, blurred or fuzzy prints, smeared prints, spotty prints, wrong colors, or jagged lines. If you are noticing any of these problems then this article will help your solve it. We have laid down the reason for each of these problems and the ways to fix it. For support, contact Printer Support Number UK +44-808-196-8126.

Common Reasons for Poor Print Quality | Printer Support Number +44-808-196-8126

Faded prints,Poor print quality

Here are some common reasons why your printer has poor print quality. Read carefully and inspect if the reason applies to your printer.

  1. Faded prints- If you are seeing faded prints or images, then you may be low on ink or toner. Check if you have enough ink and toner and if not, get a new cartridge.
  2. Wrong colors- If your prints are of the wrong color, then you may have run out of one or more ink or toner. Here too, the solution is to check if you have enough ink or toner and get a cartridge if necessary.
  3. Lines in prints- If you are noticing lines or streaks in your printouts, then your print head might be dirty. Clean your print head and do a test print to see if that helps.
  4. Lines not straight- If the lines in your printouts are coming across as jagged, then the print head might not be aligned properly. Align your print head properly and then do a test print.

These were some common reasons for the common poor print quality issues. This is not an extensive list. However, in the next section, we will discuss all the troubleshooting methods that you can take to fix poor print quality issues. For diagnosis and troubleshooting of printer issues, get in touch with Printer Support Number at +44-808-196-8126.

Steps to fix poor print quality issues | Printer Support Number +44-808-196-8126

Whether you are facing faded prints, printer printing black pages, fuzzy prints, or smeared prints, here are the steps that you can take to resolve the poor print quality issues. For assistance with the resolution, please contact Printer Support Number UK +44-808-196-8126 for support.

  1. Use genuine ink cartridges
    First of all, before even looking at the printout problems, ensure that you are using genuine ink cartridges. Use the ink cartridges of your printer’s brands and stick to it.
  2. Allow your printer to rest for about 30 minutes
    Poor print quality could also be a result of an overworked printer. Hence, allow your printer to rest for about 30 minutes and then proceed with the printing. If you still face the issue, read along.
  3. Check the paper that you are placing in the tray
    Have you placed the paper properly? Is it aligned well? Is the printing side facing down? Is the paper smooth and not crumpled? Are you using the correct paper type?
    These are some questions that should give you a cue for placing the paper correctly in the paper tray.
  4. Remove the black ink cartridge
    If you are seeing faded prints or if the black color is missing from your prints, then removing the black ink cartridge might help. When you remove the black ink cartridge, your printer starts operating in a tri-color ink cartridge which will let it work in single-cartridge mode.
    If the printouts are fine now, then let the black ink cartridge rest for several hours, and then reinstall it. Print again after reinstalling it. If the printouts are still of poor print quality, go ahead with other troubleshooting methods.
  5. Check the print settings
    Check your print resolution, quality, and paper type settings.
    If the resolution is set too high, then try lowering it.
    Also, ensure that the paper type settings match with the type of paper you are using.
  6. Check ink and toner levels
    Check if you have enough ink for printing. If not, refill your ink cartridges.
  7. Check the nozzles of the cartridge
    Sometimes your cartridge nozzles may be dirty or blocked and could be causing poor print quality. Hence, check that and clean it if necessary.
  8. Print a Print Quality Diagnostic Report and evaluate it
    When you do a Print Quality Diagnostic you will get a report that will show all the defects that lie in your print quality. These defects will help you know what is the issue that is causing poor print quality, and you can take the required steps to fix it.
  9. Clean print head
    The dirty or worn out print head could also lead to low print quality. Check the status of your print head and get it cleaned.
  10. Replace defected cartridges
    Check if your ink cartridges are working fine and if they aren’t replace the cartridges.

These are some steps that you can take to understand why your printer is printing with the poor print quality and take the necessary steps to resolve it. In case, nothing works, you may have to service your printer or let professionals diagnose the issue that your printer is facing.

If you are looking for reliable support, then contact our Printer Support Number UK +44-808-196-8126 for 24/7 assistance. We provide remote support and help you get your issues fixed anytime and anywhere. We diagnose the issue, troubleshoot, and optimize your printer for future use. Print without hassle with our professionals taking care of all your printing problems.

-Published: 28/11/2020
By: All-in-One Support

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