Use Gmail like a Pro we provide you with Top 12 Gmail Tricks here. Gmail is one of the most commonly used email service providers by individuals and businesses alike. Yet, sometimes, apart from using its basic functions we are unaware of all the cool tricks Gmail holds. In this article, we will list out the top Gmail tricks that you can try to make efficient use of Gmail. After thorough research, we have come up with these best Gmail tips.

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Best Gmail Tips & Gmail Tricks | Gmail Support Number +44-808-196-8126

When you have recently started using Gmail, knowing the best Gmail tips will help you make use of its features efficiently and make the most of Gmail.

  1. Easily find your emails
    Using the Search feature present at the top of your inbox, you can easily find an email that you want to.
  2. Manage new emails
    Before opening a new email, you can right-click and select from several options like Move, Archive, Filter, or Open in a new window.
  3. Use labels to organize your emails
    Labels in Gmail are an easy way to organize and sort emails. You can create and add multiple labels to an email. They work like folders wherein you can access information related to a particular label when you need them.
  4. Undo a Sent messageUndo a Sent message,Gmail tricks,Best Gmail Tips,Gmail Support Number

There are times when we accidentally hit Sent and want to undo sending the email. Well, Gmail lets you Undo sending the message for a certain time limit. You can extend the time up to 30 seconds by visiting the Settings section.
  1. Set up filters to automatically manage incoming emails
    You can set up filters to automatically label, star, archive, or delete an incoming email before you even read it. You can set up different filters by visiting the Settings section.
  2. Use Smart Compose to respond quicker
    Smart Compose is an excellent feature that helps you respond quicker. Whenever you are typing commonly used phrases, Gmail’s Smart Compose automatically fills in the remaining sentence for you and you can select them using the Tab key instead of writing the whole sentence yourself.
    To turn on Smart Compose, visit Settings > General. In the Smart Compose option, toggle the button on.
    You can also enable Personalization which will help in composing the replies based on your preferences.
  3. Use Schedule Send to send an email later
    One of the most useful features or Gmail tricks that Gmail offers for professionals is the Schedule Send feature. With this feature, you can compose an email in advance and schedule to send it at a date and time of your choice.
    Comes in handy when you are out but need to contact someone at a specific time and for many other occasions.

Use keyboard shortcuts to promptly access different functionsUse keyboard shortcuts to promptly access different functions,Gmail tricks,Best Gmail Tips,Gmail Support Number

Whether you want to compose a message, open drafts, delete a message, mark an email as unread, or perform any specific action, there is a keyboard shortcut for it. You can enable your Keyboard Shortcuts by visiting Settings and turning Keyword Shortcuts on.

  1. Password protect and self-destruct your emails
    If you are sharing confidential information or an important email, then you can also choose to self-destruct the email. This is one of the most helpful Gmail tricks when sharing information that you wouldn’t want to be leaked. When you choose to self-destruct an email, then the email will be automatically deleted after a certain time after the recipient has read it. The email also cannot be forwarded, copied, or downloaded.
    To self-destruct an email, after composing your email, click the small lock icon at the bottom toolbar. This will let you select a time frame after which you want the email to be automatically deleted. You can also set a password, so that only the recipient who knows the password, can open the email.
  2. Use canned responses
    If you are sending the same pitch to several people or if your responses to many people are similar, then instead of typing the same response, again and again, you can the responses. go Canning the responses enables you to save the response template that you can use in different situations.
    To save canned responses, first, enable Canned Response by visiting Settings > Advanced > Templates.
    Then compose your message, and click the three vertical dots at the right side of the bottom toolbar. Click Save draft as a new template. Then, name your template. When you need to add a particular template, click on the click three vertical dots at the right side of the bottom toolbar and select Canned Responses, and choose the template that you want to use.
  3. Enable custom notifications
    Yes, you can enable custom notifications on emails. We all know how distracting emails can be. Hence, only enable notifications for those emails that are important and get priority work done without losing focus.

Use search operators to save time when searching for emails | Gmail Tricks Gmail tricks,Best Gmail Tips,Gmail Support Number

With the help of search operators, you can quickly search your required emails and files. For example, if you need a mail with a Youtube video, search has Youtube to find it quickly. Or if you want to search all unread messages, then write is: unread to search them.

These were some of the Gmail tricks that we use on a regular basis and believe me, it saves a lot of time and stress. When used well, Gmail is a powerful tool that helps you organize all your priorities and information related to it in a single space.

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-Published: 04/12/2020
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