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Troubleshoot Canon printer problems call toll free canon customer service number +44-808-196-8126. Canon Printer is one of the most renowned printer brands that is trusted by millions of professionals worldwide. Canon Printers with their wide range of varieties and features are suitable for personal, home, professional, office, and business use. Due to their importance in both personal and professional fields, it is essential to resolve any issues that you may encounter with your printer. You can contact us at Canon printer customer care number +44-808-196-8126 to troubleshoot Canon Printer problems with ease.

Printer problems take various forms and occur unexpectedly. Whether you are facing problems like Canon Printer not printing or Canon Printer in error state, we can resolve them 24/7. Additionally, we cater to other printer problems as well like faded printouts, slow printer, connectivity issues, and others.

In this article, we will talk about the ways to troubleshoot Canon Printer problems. If you need assistance to troubleshoot Canon Printer problems, then you can contact us for 24/7 remote support at Canon Printer customer care number +44-808-196-8126.

Canon Printer Not Printing Call toll-free +44-808-196-8126

There could be various reasons leading to Canon Printer not printing. Common ways to troubleshoot Canon Printer problems of not printing is as follows-

  • Check if your printer is plugged in properly and adjust it accordingly.
  • Is your machine light turned on? Is it beeping? Your printer will work when the machine light is turned on and not beeping.
  • Additionally, check if your printing materials have a lot of graphics on them. If yes, you may either reduce their quantity or lower print settings for smooth printing.
  • Are there undeleted print jobs? Sometimes, they tend to slow down printing and lead to Canon Printer, not printing. Delete them and start printing the issue persists, despite trying these methods then you may contact our Canon Printer customer care number at +44-808-196-8126 for support.

Canon Printer in Error Mode Troubleshoot canon printer call +44-808-196-8126

First, it is important to understand what does Canon Printer in error mode mean. Sometimes, printers display a message ‘printer in error mode’ and doesn’t print. There could be various reasons for this and in most cases, the problem lies with your printer.

Here are some common error codes, their meaning, and ways to troubleshoot Canon Printer Problems of Canon Printer in error mode.

  • Error code E13 & E16- This error code suggests that your printer has run out of ink. Replace the empty ink cartridges with a new one.
  • Error code U162 & U163- This error code suggests that you should replace your empty ink cartridges. If your ink cartridge is empty, then replace it with a new one. However, if you are seeing this message after inserting a new one, then you can follow a simple method to stop this message from appearing.
    Press & hold the Stop/Reset/Resume button for some time. After you do this, you’ll be allowed to access your printer and the error message will be retreated.
  • Error code 1686 & 1688- This error code suggests that your cartridge is out of ink and you need to replace them.
  • Error code E04 & U076- This error code suggests that your fine cartridge has been installed incorrectly. Remove them and install canon printer them correctly.
  • Error code E05- This error code suggests that your print head hasn’t been installed correctly. The error code is accompanied with blinking of orange light 5 times.
  • Error code E14- This error code suggests that your ink cartridge is not supported by the printer. The error code is accompanied by the orange light blinking 14 times.
  • Error code E15- This error code suggest that your ink csrtridge isn’t being recognized. You can solve this issue by inserting your ink cartridge properly.
  • Error code 1486 & 1487- This error code suggests that your ink cartridge hasn’t been inserted properly. You can solve this issue by removing and inserting the cartridge properly.
  • Error code B200- This is a service error and suggests that there is some hardware problems with your printer or print head.
  • Error code 5100, 5200, 5400, 5700, & 6000- This error codes suggests a service error. Try turning off your printer and disconnecting the power cable. Open your printer cover and check if there are any problem inside. Clear off dust or foreign objects and turn your printer back on.
  • Error code 1682 & 1684- This error code suggests that your printer is unable to recognize ink cartridge. Check if your cartridge has been installed properly. Try clearing any dust or substances from cartridge area.

If your Canon Printer in error state doesn’t resolve despite trying the above solutions, contact our Canon Printer customer care number +44-808-196-8126 for immediate support.

Other common printer problems are setup issues, faded prints, paper jam, slow printouts, and connectivity issues may also occur in your printer. To troubleshoot Canon printer problems, you need to first determine whether its a hardware or a software issue. Troubleshooting is a time-consuming task and this is where we assist you by diagnosing the issue and fixing them as soon as possible.

Canon Printer Customer Care Number Toll free +44-808-196-8126

Contact us for easy diagnosis of any type of printer issues, Canon printer installation, Canon printer driver download, Canon printer software, Canon driver download, Canon Printer setup, and other common printer issues. We conduct thorough diagnosis, fix your issues instantly, and optimize your device for future use.

For any assistance, please get in touch with our Canon Printer Customer Care Number +44-808-196-8126. We are available 24/7 to assist you. To know more about other diagnoses and repair services that we offer, please visit our Services page. You can reach out to us either by calling us, emailing us, or filling our contact form.

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